Social Entrepreneurship

Besides supporting initiatives in the fields of Labour Participation and Agricultural Development, the AJF has taken a role in strengthening the relatively new, and worldwide expanding area of social entrepreneurship. In line with our 'roots', we believe in combining a social heart with an entrepreneurial approach. Social entrepreneurs come up with intelligent solutions for social challenges. The main difference with regular entrepreneurs is that for social entrepreneurs, making money is merely a means to fulfil their mission: creating social added value (social impact). Because of their earnings model, they are very likely to become self-sustaining, not depending on subsidies or donations. The AJF wants to strengthen the awareness and social role of this new sector, by launching new initiatives (like the IGNITE Award) and by supporting sector specific bodies (like Social Enterprise NL).


AJF is ‘founding partner’ of Social Enterprise NL and supports this institution financially and with expertise. Social Enterprise NL represents, connects and supports the growing community of social enterprises in the Netherlands. Social Enterprise NL also works to achieve a better business environment with regard to government incentives, laws and regulations, access to capital and knowledge and skills development. 


In 2015, the first edition of the IGNITE Award took place (Nijmegen/Arnhem). In this competition, 6 local start-ups of social enterprises were offered an intensive programme of non-financial support, to help them transform their social entrepreneurial ideas into solid business plans. Subsequently, they were prepared to present their business plans to an independent jury, which awarded prizes to the social entrepreneurs with the best plans. Over the years, IGNITE Award has expanded to other regions in the south and east of the Netherlands.

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