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What has the Anton Jurgens Fonds facilitated in 2018?

In 2018 the AJF awarded financial support to 28 new initiatives, which are expected to directly affect approximately 30,000 people. Both our focus themes Labour Participation and Food Security offer excellent opportunities to promote and encourage self-sufficiency, self-development and fulfilment with vulnerable groups within society. To achieve this goal, training/education is an important means and improving income is a critical objective. Click here to enlarge infographic


The Anton Jurgens Fonds supports initiatives with funding, knowledge and network. The AJF strives for sustainable, positive societal development, which in the (semi) long term contributes measurably to income generation, food security, personal development/self-sufficiency and autonomy. 
If social value is your mission, you must know how to maximise it. How can you reach your goal in the most effective way? Together with its partners, the AJF is continuously looking for a healthy balance between (impact)goals, output and reality.

However, social value/profit is much harder to measure than economic profit. With most of the initiatives we support, the impact of our contribution is very clear, yet sometimes our support has a more indirect, a delayed or even an immeasurable effect. In many cases our support is multiannual and sometimes we do a one-time investment, of which the impact can be felt for decades. In those cases the question is how to reflect these effects in the figures.  


The infographic demonstrates the impact the Anton Jurgens Fonds has contributed to in 2015. Per initiative/per year we look at:

  • Total expected number of beneficiaries
  • Total expected number of people who benefit from training/education
  • Total expected number of people who benefit from increased income

Our starting point is that we only count the undisputed expect number of direct beneficiaries of our grants/investments in a certain calendar year. With some initiatives, our share in the impact generation cannot be determined objectively (see footnote). We do not take into account the life cycle of for example infrastructure or books invested in. 

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