The Netherlands Viniculture Centre – Groesbeek

Apprenticehips in wine production and hospitality


For people with a mental disability and/or a physical impairment, it is often difficult to find a job and to independently find a social circle. Their abilities are often left unused and they don’t feel a part of society. 
The wine village of Groesbeek produces high quality Dutch biological wines and organises many tourism activities. 


The Netherlands Viniculture Centre (NWBC) is a social, ecological and economically sustainable centre for viniculture, wine production, wine analysis, wine study programmes, wine trade and experience. In this social enterprise, people with mental disabilities or physical impairments can learn working in the vineyard, the winery, the restaurant/kitchen, the wine shop or as a general support staff member. In order to provide suitable employment all year round, NWBC also produces cider, table water and limoncello. As much as possible, NWBC makes use of suppliers who also have a social objective. 


Every year, NWBC can mentor 45-60 people who are (greatly) distanced from the labour market. They can follow a suitable work placement programme with the aim to promote their self-reliance and to increase their wage value. The centre offers guided, repetitive, labour-intensive manual work, which helps this target group to be more involved in society and to build work experience, work skills and social skills. Some former participants find (partially) paid jobs at the NWBC or other companies. Also, the NWBC offers 8 internships a year for preparatory secondary vocational education students. There is also room for (often elderly) volunteers who enjoy guiding the participants and who value the social contact. 



Teun Timmermans, Richard Wienen, Eric Tonn, Freek Verhoeven and Martin Derksen 


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2015 – 2040


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