Plant for Rice Processing - Burkina Faso

Taking advantage of local production and sales opportunities with a rice steaming plant


The national rice consumption of Burkina Faso is currently 375,000 tons a year (ca. 13 kg pp), 60% of which is imported. To a large extent, the rice import determines the possible consumption. For a secure food situation, independence from this import requirement is vital. The rice plateau of Douna offers considerable potential for economic growth owing to its favourable climatic conditions and its central location with respect to the surrounding countries (Mali and the Ivory Coast). This region is home to approximately 1,000,000 people and the regional rice production at present is growing by some 15%.


In the area surrounding Douna there is no place / infrastructure where rice can be steamed in a profitable manner, although there is a great demand for this steamed rice. The project is aimed at the construction of a centre where rice can be stored, cleaned and steamed, and includes the purchase of the necessary (industrial) equipment. Another important component is the training of the women who will participate in the venture so that they will be able to work at the centre and independently run the plant through a joint strategy within 5 years.


The direct impact concerns 290 women of the local cooperative that initiated the project for the 'rice steaming plant'. The women’s group is taking advantage of an existing – and increasing – market demand for high-quality, steamed rice in the region. Through this project, they aim to earn a sustainable income for themselves and their families.


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Food Security

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2013 – 2018


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