Organic Fertilizer – Burkina Faso

Agribusiness, self-reliance and sustainability


In Burkina Faso, 80% of the population are engaged in farming. This type of agriculture is very primitive, due to the lack of mechanisation and fertilizers. Due to climate change, the predictability of the seasons decreases and farmlands are impoverishing. In dry areas, chemical fertilizers have the disadvantage, that the excess product does not wash away, which is harmful for both soil and crops. 


Individual farmers and cooperatives are trained in the method of composting, drying, concentrating and sterilising the locally available materials, with the aim to produce organic fertilizer. They are provided with gumboots, tarpaulins, shovels, pickaxes, wheelbarrows etc., which are rented out. These revenues are used for maintenance, repair and expansion of these working materials. In addition, the farmers are guided in getting their produce to market and in obtaining access to information regarding agricultural prices. 


The main objective of this initiative is to encourage agricultural entrepreneurship, personal initiative and self-reliance. Productivity increase (income improvement) and reduction of reliance on chemical fertilizers ensure that farmers are better equipped to prevent poverty and famine for themselves, their families and the entire village of Dio. Furthermore, this initiative promotes community building and strengthens agricultural sustainability. 




Agricultural Development

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2017 – 2018


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