MEO Media Company – Alkmaar/Haarlem

Creative learning-by-doing trajectory for young people with disabilities


Young people with disabilities do not often succeed in independently finding suitable employment or an adequate education, which drives them to the edge of society. They often have problems with communication, social interaction and imagination. Yet often they also have a sharp eye for detail and they attach great value to structure and predictability. In a fitting working environment, this can also be a huge advantage. 


On-the-job training company MEO is a professional media company, which provides (online) marketing, graphic design, web design, editing and administration services, in particular for non-profit organisations. Every year, 12 young people with a form of autism or a different disability can gain work experience, alongside trainees from mainstream and special secondary education. They receive coaching and support from permanent staff, such as a graphic apprentice trainer and a ‘job coach’. The objective after ½ to 2 years is for participants to find suitable employment within MEO or with a different employer. In addition to the original office in Alkmaar, MEO now also opens a location in Haarlem.


MEO offers its clients high quality services, while simultaneously the young people’s professional and employee skills are stimulated and they receive ample opportunity to develop their talents. In this way, they demonstrate their added value day after day. They do not only bolster their self-confidence, but also improve their opportunities to find suitable employment. 


Edwin Teljeur and Joost van der Burght


Labour Participation

Type of Support

Performance-Based Loan
Non-Financial Support


2017 – 2022


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