Baker's Café Brood op de Plank

Meaningful daily activities and development of working skills


Many young people with disabilities are dependent on social security and are greatly distanced from the labour market. As a result, their talents go unused and they can end up living outside society. With the new Social Support (Wmo) and Participation Acts (2015), the Dutch government seeks to maximise the number of people participating in society. 


Organic bakery and lunchroom Brood op de Plank (‘Food on the Table’) is a meeting point in a neighbourhood with a wide variety of residents. Brood op de Plank offers meaningful and visible daily work activity for about 45 people, in the bakery, in the lunchroom or as a bicycle or wheelchair courier. Here, they can participate in society and are offered developing opportunities. Brood op de Plank has a track record of social and financial sustainable entrepreneurship and disposes of an excellent local network. A second venue will be opened on the Hatertseweg in Nijmegen, where more workplaces can be offered and where Brood op de Plank’s delicious organic bread and pastries can be purchased. 


Brood op de Plank facilitates personal and social development of its employees. They are taught workings skills, necessary for further access to the labour market and/or participation in society. People who have worked at Brood op de Plank prove to be able to deal with more complex tasks and greater responsibility. Furthermore, their self-confidence appears to have increased.



Contact Person

Eva Walraven


Labour Participation

Type of support

Performance-Based Loan
Non-Financial Support


2016 – 2020


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