Wereldkoks/Wereldkantine - World Cooks/Canteen

Culinary arts as a bridge to participation in the job market


In Nijmegen, according local government figures, there are approximately 6,000 social benefit recipients (survey mid 2011) whose prospects on the job market are too poor for them to find a regular job unassisted. The causes for this are a lack of training/education, work experience and self-confidence. The local government has founded Work Corporations whose task is to bring about a better correspondence between supply and demand in the area of employment. The municipality was very happy to designate World Cooks / World Canteen as one of the first work corporations.


Wereldkoks/Wereldkantine is aimed at reintegrating vulnerable unemployed people, specifically those who have low levels of education or are uneducated, into a job situation. The objective is to increase the numbers moving into paid work. To increase the numbers successfully moving from the programme into a work situation, a careers counsellor is called in to advise. The idea is that the step taken by a participant into the job market should be given greater attention and can be better supervised so that Wereldkoks has a greater impact. In order to measure the impact of having this advisor present in comparison with the previous situation, a benchmark is established and a SROI impact measurement is taken among the Wereldkoks participants over the last 3 years. 


Offering a protected place in a work training programme each year for 30 social benefits recipients, people with limited training who have poor prospects on the job market. These people are assisted with earning a vocational AKA-diploma (Labour Market Qualified Assistant) so that they can move into paid work or meaningful volunteer work at the level of senior secondary vocational education. 


Project Initiators

Helen Arenz & Debora Heijne 


Labour Participation 

Type of Support



2012 – 2018 



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