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Autism is a disorder that affects information processing in the brain. Information that enters the brain through the senses (sight, smell, hearing, etc.) is processed differently by people with autism. They find it difficult to process the details of what they are observing into a coherent whole and, as a result, experience problems with communication, social interaction and imagination. Normally gifted people can be declared 100% incapable of work at a young age due to their autism because they are unable to participate in a regular business environment (and therefore they fall under the Disablement Assistance for Young People Act). People with autism often have special talents, such as being able to be precise in repetitive activities. 


The special talent of people with autism – the ability to repeat actions over a long period of time with maximum precision – is an added value for the core business of Specialisterren. Specialisterren is an (online) software-testing company that is specifically structured around the talents of these young people. This group of young people can work with 30% higher efficiency than an average tester. The social objective of Specialisterren is to offer valuable and productive jobs to people with autism.


With greater understanding from those around them and the correct supervision, people with autism can attend school, work, maintain relationships with others and therefore participate in society. The participants first attend a training programme for 3 months at the Specialisterren Academy in order to gain substantive knowledge and skills. After earning a diploma, they begin to work for Specialisterren based on a regular employment contract.


Project Initiators

Sjoerd van der Maaden


Labour Participation

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Non-Financial Support


2013 – 2017



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