Rambler - Design Studio for Streetwear

Creative street youth set the trend in fashion design - Amsterdam


In the previous decade, the government committed itself to achieving the ambition of 'getting all homeless youth off the street'. According to the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sports, the number of homeless young people rose in the Netherlands between 2007 and 2011 from 6,000 to 9,000. The existing facilities for providing them assistance are often focused on 'bed, bath and bread'. Although, by law, parents are required to support their children financially up to the age of 21, there are many situations in which young people no longer can or want to fall back on their parents. Hard reality has taught us that, for a range of reasons, young people become stranded inside the regulations of social benefit organisations and assistance agencies. There is a need for other, more personal and integral approaches that are aimed at changing behaviour and developing prospects for these youth in the future. Rambler provides just such an approach.


At Rambler, using an integrated approach, street youth are talked to about their creativity and talents. They design clothing and mood boards in the studio of Rambler. During the design process, the problem-solving capacity of the young people is stimulated and they become aware that – just as in their personal lives – they need effort, motivation, collaboration and patience to achieve a goal. At the same time, these young people are trendsetters in the 'world outside': through their creations they engender inspiration for future fashion trends.


The social objective of Rambler is to appeal to the creative talents of street youth and to channel these talents to bring about permanent, positive changes in their personal situations. Rambler is able to appeal to young people, get them to listen and bring about concrete changes in behaviour, which enables them to participate in society.  Working with 'peers' (ex-street youth), result-oriented efforts are put into creating greater stability in the areas of housing, care, family, friends, training and work.

Project Initiators

Carmen van de Vecht & Tim Dekker


Labour Participation

Type of Support



2012 – 2016



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