Poultry Farming - Burkina Faso

Programme for poultry farming, agriculture, education and entrepreneurship


In Gbomboro the soils are dry and depleted. There is extensive desertification, extreme poverty and a high percentage of illiteracy. More than 85% of the population lives on marginal yields from agriculture and poultry farming.


In the Gbomboro district, families are given access to poultry to breed and thus increase their flocks. The immediate objective is twofold: 

  • to improve food security
  • to earn an income & become an entrepreneur

In the project, attention is also focused on horticulture, so that greater variety can be introduced into the daily diet. The training is focused on animal care and agriculture, as well as on teaching them to read and write.


Two hundred and fifty families that are currently finding it difficult to support themselves are given the means to build an independent life for themselves through poultry farming, agriculture, education and sustainable farming methods.

Project Initiator

Heifer Nederland 


Food Security 

Type of Support



2013 – 2018



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