Women's Project Nonkon - Mali

Capacity building local women for a healthier and more independent livelihood


Mali is a fragile and politically unstable country. Aside from a failing government, it has to deal with natural disasters, like serious drought on the one hand, and flooding on the other. The population of the Nonkon area are among the most vulnerable people in Mali. There is a huge food shortage and local hygienic conditions are extremely poor. In addition, health care is not readily accessible, which results in many malaria, diarrhoea and tuberculosis victims. In the intervention area the infant mortality rate is over 10%.
The area suffers from excessive, non-sustainable agricultural practices and a high level of deforestation. The soil has been badly nurtured and worn out and the water sources are depleting and drying out. There is lack of good quality seeds, fertilizer and agricultural equipment. 
Women in Mali have very little influence in social, political and economical regard. They have very restricted access to agricultural production and equipment, therefore, women and children are always first to be affected by food shortage. 


The project rests on 4 cornerstones:

  • Improvement of hygiene conditions (latrines, water wells, health care centre) and of the household hygiene/sanitation awareness level
  • Increasing access for women to more income generating activities (agricultural equipment, chickens and goats, windmills for milling larger quantities of cereals)
  • Empowerment of women by advancing literacy, establishing of a community centre/library and amplifying women’s entrepreneurial and self-reliance skills
  • Forcing back over-exploitation of natural resources by building 5 micro-dams for more stable access to water and erosion prevention


This project aims at a direct improvement of living conditions of 7,000+ women and their children in 11 villages in Nonkon municipality, by investment, on the one hand, in infrastructure and on the other, in education and behavioural shift.


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Christian Aid


Food Security

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