Programme for Food Security & Grain Bank

Integrated programme for stabler access to food and increased income - Burkina Faso


In Burkina Faso there is still widespread poverty and the living conditions of the rural population are severe. There is often no water, not enough food to eat throughout the year, there are too few opportunities to earn money and a large proportion of the population is illiterate.


Our partner has worked in the region for more than 10 years and wants to apply lessons learned from the activities performed up to now in the areas of literacy, horticulture and irrigation on a broader and larger scale. Greater focus is also being given to establishing stabler access to food and ways to improve incomes by building a grain bank. The idea is to store grain – grain from a community’s own production and/or grain purchased just after the harvest when prices are low – wait until the prices rise again and then sell the surplus grain the community does not consume. 


Through the programme for food security, 1,750 people have been reached. The programme is focused concretely on constructing irrigation systems, teaching literacy and technical training for adults, cultivating vegetables, supporting women’s groups in income-generating activities and strengthening farmers’ organisations.

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