De Prael Beer Brewery - Amsterdam

Traditional, locally produced beer and work for people with past mental health challenges


In the Netherlands there are approximately 500,000 adults between the ages of 18 and 65 each year that go through the second-phase of treatment in the GGZ (Mental Health Care and Care for Drug Addicts). The most common diagnoses are personality and behavioural disorders, mood disorders and neurotic disorders. A large proportion of these adults are able to continue their regular lives independently. For some of them, the opportunity to work temporarily – or for an extended period – in a protected work environment provides an optimal solution for recovery. 


The founders of the beer brewery are two former psychiatric nurses. Ten years ago, they started a small beer brewery producing special beers in order to provide jobs to people with past mental health challenges. At present, more than 100 people work at De Prael and the objective is to expand this workforce to approximately 150.


The social objective of De Prael beer brewery is to liberate and offer jobs to people who have had mental health challenges in the past. The sale of special beer in the pub / restaurant / shop and the tours in the brewery provide visible and meaningful jobs to them. 


Project Initiators

Arno Kooij en Fer Kok


Labour Participation

Type of Support

Non-Financial Support


2013 – 2018


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