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Guidance toward active involvement in society - Castricum


Many people with poor prospects on te job market are sidelined in our society for too long. There is a great need for enterprising initiatives which allow these people to   develop their working skills, learn a trade, gather practical working experience and prepare for regular jobs. This is not only good for the participants, but also for society. Doing nothing will eventually cost the community more money.


Lunch restaurant De Oude Keuken in Castricum offers a working situation for people with poor prospects on the job market. With volunteers from the village, interns and professional guides as colleagues, the participants develop a daily routine and gather knowledge and working experience. They are guided in further developing their (general and specific hospitality business) working skills and achieving their personal learning objectives. De Oude Keuken sees ample possibilities to offer apprenticeships for more participants and has the ambition to grow toward becoming a full work training company. The fully equipped working hospitality environment in the new venue, combined with the increased professional guidance, allow the Old Kitchen to generate more outflow to employment and at the same time meet the growing demand for catering services.  


Working here contributes to their feeling of social wellbeing and builds their self-confidence, independence, self-esteem and stimulates their active involvement in society. Goal is to prepare and guide the participants with mental or psychiatric disabilities toward a regular job.

Project Initiators

Stichting Het Oude Theehuys
Brigitte van Campen


Labour Participation

Type of support

Non-Financial Support


2014 – 2017


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