Agriculture and Horticulture Programme

Literacy and vocational programme for young people - Togo


This project focuses on a vocational programme in the areas of agriculture, horticulture and literacy for 105 young people aged 15 and older in North Togo. 

Heart of the Matter 

By teaching literacy and vocational education focused on horticulture, modern agricultural techniques and the knowledge of crops and herbs, our partner wants to contribute to personal development, improved production and a reduction of poverty in the region. The socio-economic potential of the young people who live in the region is also being developed with the aim of minimising the exodus to urban areas. Village and community development, reassessment of the local region and taking advantage of the opportunities in this region are the main points of focus. 


Approximately 57% of the Togolese population is illiterate. In the north (région des Savanes) the percentage is around 74%. Girls form the largest proportion of the illiterate population. Due to a lack of good education and a lack of awareness among parents, there are scarce opportunities for young people to develop and find work. Because of the lack of prospects, many young people leave the countryside to seek a better life – in their view – in the city. The urban problems that these young people encounter when they get to the city are predominantly child labour, human trafficking and prostitution, with a large risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

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Food Security

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2013 – 2014


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