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In the Netherlands, approximately 250,000 people receive a social assistance benefit under the Disablement Assistance Act because they were declared to be 100% incapable of work before turning 18. Over the course of time, many of these young people want to do their best to find work nonetheless. Practical experience has shown that a process of social activation serves as the preferred first step towards increasing their chance of reintegrating successfully into the workforce. 2CV4U provides a practical solution to facilitate this social activation for young people by focusing on workforce participation in an enterprising environment. 


2CV4U was initiated by Peter Paul Mastboom and his wife Marieke. Working with a small, but committed team, the pair started a small garage to restore and maintain 2CVs. On the job, the young people are each individually coached on their personal performance, their performance within the team and on their contact with customers. 2CV4U combines knowledge and skills with the need to help young people in a practical, yet enterprising manner. 


The social objective of 2CV4U is to provide young people in underprivileged situations the chance to gain social skills and technical knowledge in a work environment. By deploying these young people to refurbish (components for) 2CVs, the specialised garage has created a practical path for them to the job market. 


Project Initiators

Peter Paul and Marieke Mastboom


Labour Participation

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2017 – 2018



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