The social enterprise is an up and coming phenomenon around the world. Businesses with a primary aim to better the world are claiming a distinct place amongst commercial enterprises, charities and public sector organizations. Social Enterprise Unraveled, by Mark Hillen en Willemijn Verloop, describes the best practice from the impact first business sector in the Netherlands. The book is from now on available all over the world via 

The book portrays an inspiring picture of the social enterprise, what it is and what it’s not. How it works and what the challenges are. With a wide range of examples from the Netherlands, most of which can also be found elsewhere across the globe. An Easy to read book, insightful and inspiring  with global relevance. For everybody interested in social entrepreneurship and its growing impact on our society at large.


Social Enterprise Unraveled describes 23 best practices from the Dutch social enterprise sector, for example Taxi Electric, TexelEnergie and Fairphone. It describes the character, the importance and the challenges of the enterprise and paints a picture of the entrepreneur, the man or woman who turns his or her social mission into a unique business model.

Must read
Social Enterprise Unraveled is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the phenomenon of the social enterprise.

Verloop and Hillen: “The focus of the book is to inspire, in which role whatsoever, entrepreneurs, consumers, policymakers, clients or financiers, to recognize the value of social enterprises to form a new, clean and fair economy where everyone can participate.” 

About the authors:
Mark Hillen & Willemijn Verloop are the founders of Social Enterprise NL, the Dutch platform for social enterprises. Willemijn Verloop was founder and for fifteen years executive director of the international humanitarian organization War Child. Mark Hillen was Managing Partner at Accenture, the largest Business Consulting Firm in the world.

 ‘Social Enterprise is an essential part of the European social and economic model. This book gives a lively and engaging account of what is happening today in the Netherlands. The various good practices need to be shared. I hope to see many people inspired reading these stories.’
Michel Barnier, European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services

“An ideal read for any aspiring entrepreneur. When I started TOMS in 2006, I wish I’d had a handbook that walked me through the successes and pitfalls of those who had gone before me. Social Enterprise unraveld offers a number of case studies that enlighten and educate all of us who believe business can serve a social good.” ​
– Blake Mycoskie, Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS


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