The Anton Jurgens Fonds (AJF) supports initiatives that are aimed at vulnerable groups in society. We work with socially inspired pioneers to make an impact based on an enterprising vision.
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AJF supports project initiators with money, knowledge and a network. Our focus is on establishing activities that are sustainable for the long term and delivering a measurable social benefit.


The very roots of our foundation compel us to combine an enterprising spirit with a socially focused heart. AJF sees itself as a strategic (co-)financier; a constructively critical, relationship-driven partner. 
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Food Security

West Africa and Indonesia

AJF views Food Security as a basic condition for the physical, mental and economic development of each individual. We work to ensure the availability of nutritious food for everyone.

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Labour Participation

The Netherlands

Work plays an important role in people’s personal development, motivation and involvement in society. It creates greater independence, both economically and socially.

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