When applying for funding to the Anton Jurgens Fonds (NL, West-Africa, IND) or the Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust (UK) it is helpful to understand the steps of the process. For this reason, we would like to provide you with greater insight into our work method. 

Preparation to application

As an applicant, follow these steps:

  1. Applicants assess whether their initiative is Dutch-, West-Africa-, Indonesia- or UK-based.
    The Anton Jurgens Fonds assesses Dutch-, West-Africa- and Indonesia-based applications.
    The Anton Jurgens Chartibale Trust (UK) assesses UK-based applications.
  2. Based on the initiative’s location, applicants check the Anton Jurgens Fonds’ or Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust’s (UK) criteria.
  3. When the initiative meets all criteria, applicants can start the application process.

If you are an applicant from the United Kingdom, you can only apply with the Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust.

From application to selection 

Before we make a new social investment, we set aside plenty of time for us to get to know one another and to study your initiative and the concrete demand for it. The bureau makes an initial selection of new applications that sufficiently coincide with our vision and focus. For the Netherlands that is Labour Participation and for West Africa/Indonesia our focus is on Food Security. Furthermore, we can only assess your application if it is filed on behalf of a legal entity. 

From selection to analysis
If your initiative is selected, we will analyse it extensively, based on our criteria. We will contact you personally and explain the further work method we will use. Our most important objective in this phase is gaining insight into the way in which your initiative seeks to create a social impact in a (potentially) sustainable manner financially. If your application is rejected immediately, you will hear of the decision from us within two months. 

From analysis to grant
If the extensive study results in a positive conclusion, your initiative will be presented at the meeting of the Board. If the foundation’s Board is convinced of your initiative’s added value and social impact, then in consultation we look for a form in which the AJF can optimally support the implementation, consolidation or roll-out of the activities. In addition to approach and strategy, we give considerable attention to the manner in which (interim) evaluation, impact measurement and reporting is conducted.

The fund in figures

The AJF currently has approximately 70 social investments in its portfolio, divided between the regions of the Netherlands and West Africa/Indonesia.

The average investment, loan or donation is € 50,000.

On average, our cooperation with project initiators lasts 1 to 3 years.

Each year, the Fund enters into a new cooperative venture with an average of 20 project initiatives.

The average time from application submission to an investment is 3 to 6 months.

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