Criteria for cooperation

UK-based? If you are an applicant from the United Kingdom, apply to the Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust.

The Anton Jurgens Fonds adheres to a contemporary interpretation of the values that characterised the work method of its founder Anton Jurgens in his day: entrepreneurship, social commitment and an open view of life.

In addition to assesment of the geographic and thematic conditions of the project initiative and the legal form (legal entity), the AJF tests applications explicitly on the following investment criteria: 

  1. social entrepreneurship – the combination of financial and social added value
  2. (financial) sustainability – the pursuit of a permanent positive impact 
  3. personal initiative and personal commitment – to engender self-sufficiency and autonomy
  4. prevention – a structured approach to tackling social problems at an early stage
  5. social involvement – the creation of inspiring examples
  6. searching for meaning – creating awareness of the ‘why’ of our human actions and existence



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