Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust

Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust (AJCT) gives grants to registered UK based charities who support people of all ages, who are socially disadvantaged and/or have mental and/or physical disabilities. 

  • Only requests from UK registered charities (holding a Charity Number) will be considered
  • Requests for grants should be made in writing to our correspondence address (see below)
  • The application should state clearly whether the grant would be used for the running costs of the charity, or for a particular project and it should include the costings involved: target for the appeal and the amount raised and pledged towards it at the time of writing your appeal letter
  • The application should only include the accounts if these do not feature on the CC website
  • An application should not be made if the charity has received a grant from the AJCT within the past 3 years
  • If an application does not receive any reply, then – unfortunately – it has not been successful, most probably because of our limited financial resources
  • The London Committee (our advisory committee) will only get in touch with applicants if the trustees decide to consider their request at one of the two Trustees Meetings, either in Spring or in Autumn

Correspondence Address:
Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust
c/o Saffery Champness
71 Queen Victoria Street
London EC4V 4BE
United Kingdom

AJCT adheres to UK data protection legislation.
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