Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust

The Anton Jurgens Charitable Trust (AJCT) gives grants to registered UK based charities supporting socially disadvantaged and disabled people of all ages.  

When applying, please consider the following criteria:

  • Only requests from UK registered charities with a yearly income of less than GBP 1 mln per year will be considered.
  • An application should not be made if the charity has received a grant from the AJCT within the past 3 years.
  • The Trust does not give grants to charities supporting research, the promotion of religion, the arts and culture (unless these are engaged in the development of therapies).
  • All charities that have applied online through our web site will automatically receive the outcome of their application after our Spring  or Autumn meeting.
  • The London Committee (our advisory committee) will review applications twice a year.
  • In case your charity fails to be awarded a grant, you may submit another application for our next meeting.

We now only accept applications which are made online. If you fulfil the above criteria, please apply by using this link.

Correspondence Address
Vivienne Jurgens
Kellas Estate
Mains of Kellas
IV30 8TS


AJCT adheres to UK data protection legislation.

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