The Anton Jurgens Fonds is led by a Board of five members, all of whom either are members of the Jurgens family or are associated with the family.

The Advisory Council fulfils advisory and supervisory roles on behalf of the Board.


The Board is supported by two committees. The Advisory & Review Committee assesses applications and supports the initiatives. The Assets Advisory & Auditing Committee advises and monitors the assets management of the Foundation.

The team focuses on the practical implementation of the fund’s domestic and foreign policies, on scouting for new projects and on managing the current portfolio. Meet the team members:

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Tineke Kemp

Portfolio Manager for the Netherlands 

Tineke studied Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam. She gained substantial experience as a contact manager within the financial sector focused on financing and investments.

At the Anton Jurgens Fonds, Tineke likes to use this knowledge in an open manner that establishes good ties with people. Tineke combines her knowledge of business economics with common sense and a socially focused heart.

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"I find it inspiring to support socially minded entrepreneurs in the business aspects of their entrepreneurship so that they can optimise the social benefits they create."


Contact Tineke
+31 (0) 24 360 99 10

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Petra Zwart

Portfolio Manager for the West Africa & Indonesia

Petra studied Business Administration at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. She has gained extensive experience in Africa, where she used her business knowledge to reinforce cooperations with growth ambitions. The professionalisation she brought about (in financial management, business planning and governance) with these enterprises, resulted in confidence with regular financial institutions to an extent where they were willing to finance the growth ambitions of these cooperations.

Petra believes that improving and reinforcing entrepreneurship can offer solutions for poverty reduction in developing countries. With her enthusiastic and entrepreneurial nature, she strives for impact and 'making the difference' in developing countries.

“It's very inspiring to strengthen and professionalise entrepreneurship in developing countries and thus contribute to poverty reduction."

contact Petra: +31 24-3609910

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Leoni Delsink

Coordinator Social Entrepreneurship

After her studies Communication Science (Radboud University Nijmegen), Leoni worked as a communications consultant with a secondment agency for 3 and a half years. After that, she switched to the non-profit sector and worked for a foundation with a new look on volunteering. 

Leoni has a great experience with the implementation of social initiatives and deploys het communications background and organisational skills to link people to new projects. 

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"Kansen zien en die benutten, dat geeft energie. Ik draag er dan ook graag aan bij sociaal ondernemers mogelijkheden te bieden hun ambities waar te maken."


Contact Leoni

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