Social Enterprise NL

Social Enterprise NL is a national platform that represents, connects and supports social enterprises. Their goal is to enforce the social enterprises sector in the Netherlands.

Anton Jurgens Fonds is one of the founding partners of Social Enterprise NL. We emphasize the importance of the emergence and professionalization of social enterprises in the Netherlands, in order to increase the societal impact of these companies. 

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Anton Jurgens Fonds has an ANBI status. This implies that the objective and the actual activities of the organisation serve a general interest for 90% or more.

Policy: in accordance with the statutory policy, being ‘financial support of organisations pursuing a general societal interest, as well as natural persons who are in a distinctly destitute situation’, a donation policy has been developed, which is explained on the website. Annually a percentage of the capital is remitted in conformity with both the objective and the donation policy.  Disbursements are conditional on applications filed and are therefore non-quantifiable. The assessment and evaluation of supportable initiatives is executed by the Stichting Anton Jurgens Fonds organization. A little over 50% of the granted donations concern initiatives within the Netherlands.

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In 2019, the upward trend in terms of donations has been continued. For further information, we refer to our website.

Board members receive a remuneration, based on the ‘Besluit Vergoedingen Adviescolleges en Commissies’. Remuneration is based on the expenses. The conditions of employment of Stichting Anton Jurgens Fonds employees are market-based. No collective labour agreement applies.

RSIN number of Stichting Anton Jurgens Fonds: 805640927



The Association of Foundations in the Netherlands (FIN) is the umbrella organisation representing the interests of private charitable foundations in the Netherlands.

Any private charitable foundation established in the Netherlands and which makes a substantial part of its capital or income available to individuals or social organisations may become a member of the FIN.

The FIN supports its members, stimulates contact and collaboration among its members, and provides a support service for good governance, asset management and donation policy. To this end it produces a number of informative publications such as the guidelines Het besturen van een fonds (Managing a Foundation) and the publication Fiscaliteit (Tax Law). The publications are only available in Dutch. The FIN also organises symposia and workshops.

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